Sick or Injured?

Athletes, like all others, may fall sick or sustain an injury. Anti-doping rules also apply in such cases. Various key points should therefore be taken into account to avoid an unintentional violation of these rules.

Prohibited Medication

Medication may be prohibited according to the Prohibited List. Products, which appear at first glance to have no performance-enhancing effect may, in fact, contain prohibited substances or be administered as a prohibited method. This applies to medication for a wide range of therapeutic applications, including some that are available over the counter (without prescription) in pharmacies and drug stores, such as certain cold and flu medications. Athletes should therefore check the prohibited status of each medication individually.

Checking Medication

The medication inquiry service Global DRO is a simple tool for checking the prohibited status of medication. Before using a medication, athletes should always check for themselves whether or not it is permitted.

Medication Inquiry Service Global DRO

Permitted Medication

Permitted medication can frequently be used to avoid substances or methods prohibited according to the Prohibited List. Athletes should check together with their healthcare professionals if there are any permitted alternatives to their proposed treatment.

The «List of permitted medications for common ailments» details medications, which are available from pharmacies and drug stores on consultation but without a prescription. This is a non-exhaustive list of medications permitted.

Strict Liability

Athletes are responsible at all times for ensuring that no prohibited substances enter their bodies. In everyday life, care should be taken to avoid any unintentional anti-doping rule violation. Athletes can protect themselves by:

  • pointing out to healthcare professionals during consultations or treatments that they must comply with the anti-doping rules, and that these must be taken into account when selecting a treatment;
  • checking each medication with the medication inquiry service Global DRO prior to their use, and repeating these checks at the turn of the year;
  • asking Swiss Sport Integrity in the event of anything being uncertain or unclear

Medical Emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency, health comes first. Read more about this topic on the relevant page.

Medical Emergencies

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