Do only top athletes have to know the rules?

Is the athlete’s support personnel also affected by the anti-doping rules?

What education opportunities does Swiss Sport Integrity offer?

What is "doping" and why is it prohibited?


How does the testing procedure work?

What are Whereabouts Pools?

What is the purpose of Whereabouts?

Where are the collected samples analyzed?

Who can be tested?


Are there also prohibited nutritional supplements?

Can a prohibited medication be taken in case of sickness?

How can it be verified whether a medication is permitted or prohibited?

Is the use of asthma medication prohibited?

What is a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)?


To whom do the anti-doping rules under private law apply?

What are the sanctions for rule violations?

What is the legal basis in Switzerland?

What is the Prohibited List?

Why are products confiscated by customs and police?


To whom do the ethics regulations apply?

What happens in the event of a potential violation of the Statutes on Ethics in Swiss Sport?

What preventive measures are implemented to prevent ethics violations?

Who can make a report to Swiss Sport Integrity?

Why are ethical principles needed in sport?


How is the Swiss Sport Integrity Foundation financed?

Since when does Switzerland have anti-doping activities?

What are the jobs and tasks at Swiss Sport Integrity?

What is the task of Swiss Sport Integrity?

What is the task of WADA?