Statutes on Ethics in Swiss Sport

The Charter of Ethics, run by Swiss Olympic and the Federal Office of Sport (FOSPO), will now be substantiated and implemented in Switzerland with the aid of the Statutes on Ethics in Swiss Sport. It starts by defining the various bodies and their responsibilities in our country. The Sports Parliament, consisting of delegates from the sports federations, has adopted the Statutes on Ethics. The current version entered into effect on 26 November 2022.


The Statutes on Ethics in Swiss Sport are binding for all federations linked with Swiss Olympic and their direct and indirect member organizations. The ethics provisions apply to all individuals holding a post, license or membership with an association or federation linked with Swiss Olympic. The same also applies to participants in competitions organized by these organizations. This is applicable regardless of sporting performance level, age and nationality.

Violations of the Statutes on Ethics

Article 2 of the Statutes on Ethics in Swiss Sport lists 4 offences and actions which are classed as violations of the ethics provisions.



Abuses relate to a culture and to the presence or absence of structures and processes within a sports organization which either prevent the implementation of these Statutes, encourage violations of the Statutes or make violations more difficult or impossible to detect.

Sanctions can be imposed following abuses of both individuals and of sports organizations.