Communicating Values in Swiss Sport

Communication of the Olympic values and principles of the Charter of Ethics is based on information and education. Swiss athletes, support personnel and officials are provided with preventative information and trained in how healthy, respectful, fair and lasting success can be maintained in sport.

Principles of Conduct

Swiss Olympic supports the battle against ethics violations through prevention and awareness measures. The principles of conduct should be communicated to the individuals involved in Swiss sport so that ethically correct conduct can be recognized as a fundamental attitude for all participants.

An overview of the prevention and awareness measures can be found on the Swiss Olympic website.

Spirit of Sport

Swiss Olympic’s online ‘Spirit of Sport’ campaign raises awareness in society about the core values of sport – respect, friendship and excellence, Swiss Olympic is supported by top athletes who act as campaign ambassadors and give personal statements about ethics in sport. All of the statements from the campaign ambassadors can be found at Spirit of Sport. The central online platform plays a key role in the Swiss Olympic campaign in terms of conveying information and values.

Are you ok?

Through its ‘Are you OK’ campaign, Swiss Olympic raises awareness within the sporting environment of situations which could be detrimental or harmful. At the heart of the campaign is the question ‘Are you OK?’ and the two core messages of ‘Speak out if something doesn’t feel right’ and ‘Get support’.

With its various offers, Swiss Olympic is supporting athletes and their entourage so that such experiences no longer have any place in sport.

The support mentioned in the campaign can be found in the reporting portal of the independent Swiss Sport Integrity Foundation. The reporting portal is open to anyone wishing to report potential violations or abuses. Information about how to proceed is provided during an initial consultation and then, if required, the matter is referred to an appropriate advice center for more extensive assistance.

Reporting portal of Swiss Sport Integrity