Import Ban

Article 20 of the Federal Act on the Promotion of Sport and Exercise (SpoPA) prohibits the importation of doping substances.

Federal Act on the Promotion of Sport and Exercise (SpoPA)

The law applies irrespective of sporting activity, i.e. it also covers non-athletes. There is no “allowance” – in other words it is illegal to import any quantity of a prohibited substance.

Products identified as prohibited will be seized by the customs authorities and the police and sent to Swiss Sport Integrity, which destroys them for a fee.

The ban applies to those substances which are listed in the Annex to the Ordinance on the Promotion of Sport and Exercise (SpoPO).

Ordinance on the Promotion of Sport and Exercise (SpoPO)

Preliminary Decision and Order

Anyone who is affected by the seizure of a prohibited substance is notified by Swiss Sport Integrity in the form of a preliminary decision. They are given the opportunity to state their case. If they are unable to present any legitimate reason for importing the substance, an order will be issued for its destruction.

Exceptional Cases

Under certain circumstances, prohibited substances may be released if a medically justified purpose for their importation can be provided. To this end, an extract from medical records and/or a valid Swiss doctor’s prescription (issued prior to the date of importation) must be submitted along with a written application for the substance's release.

Support and Contact

If you have any questions, you can reach us at intelligence(a) We will not provide any information over the telephone in connection with preliminary decisions and orders.

Criminal Offense

Under Art. 22 of the Sport Promotion Act, dealing in prohibited products constitutes a criminal offense. Where such an offense is suspected, the customs authorities, police, or Swiss Sport Integrity will submit an official report to the competent public prosecutor’s office.

Sport Promotion Act SpoPA

Law Enforcement Authorities

Additional information is provided for law enforcement authorities.

Law Enforcement Authorities