Report an incident or suspicion

Are you personally affected, or have you witnessed something? Then speak up! The Swiss Sport Integrity advice center is open to anyone wishing to report potential violations or abuses – also anonymously! The independence of the Foundation guarantees that reports are handled confidentially and consequently adressed.

What can be reported?

Who can submit a report?

How can a report be made?

How can I follow up on my report (Postbox)?

Questions or uncertainties about ethics in sport? – SSI Hotline

The employees of the reporting service not only respond to reports via the hotline, they also advise you if you have questions or uncertainties about ethics in sport. Whether you are an athlete, a coach, part of the support personnel, a representative of a club or federation, a functionary or a parent, SSI will be happy to advise you if you are having any questions or doubt on the subject of ethics in sport.

The employees of the reporting service will listen to you, inform you of the steps you can take, and, if necessary, refer you to other advise services. The facts discussed are not automatically recorded as a report, unless the caller so wishes. The first consultation can also be anonymous.

SSI Hotline (Monday to Friday, 08:30–11:30 am and 1:30–4:30 pm)

Tel: +41 31 550 21 31


What happens once a report has been submitted?

Information about how to proceed is provided during an initial consultation and then, if required, the matter is referred to an appropriate advice center for more detailed input. The submitted report is then checked and forwarded to the law enforcement authorities, where appropriate. Where the responsibility lies with Swiss Sport Integrity, a preliminary investigation is carried out. If this reveals information about a violation of the Ethics Statute, an investigation is instigated.

Investigation procedure