TUE for trans athletes

In connection with hormone therapy, trans athletes may need to use substances prohibited according to the Prohibited List:

  • Trans men: use of testosterone
  • Trans women: use of spironolactone

In addition to determining the eligibility to participate, the therapeutic use exemption process (TUE) is also relevant to trans athletes. A TUE application can, however, only be assessed once the eligibility to participate has been established. The following process applies:


1. Definition of the eligibility to participate by the responsible Sports Federation

The relevant National or International Sports Federation makes the decision on the eligibility of a trans athlete to start or participate in an event. The IOC has summarized its position and its corresponding recommendations as follows: Framework on fairness, inclusion, and non-discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sex variations

2. Assessment of a potential TUE application by the TUE committee of the responsible anti-doping organization

Athletes need a TUE for the medical use of substances or methods prohibited by the Prohibited List. TUE applications are assessed by the TUE committee of the responsible anti-doping organization. The TUE Wizard will show you at what time and to which anti-doping organization the TUE application must be submitted.

TUE Wizard

TUE applications for hormone treatment by trans athletes can only be assessed once the eligibility to participate has been established by the responsible Sports Federation. Swiss Sport Integrity bases its assessment of the corresponding TUE applications particularly on the TUE Physician Guidelines of the WADA. It cannot be ruled out that certain International Sports Federations may impose additional or other requirements concerning medical documentation for TUE applications. The application should always be accompanied by the conditions of participation in force as determined by the relevant Sports Federation.

Help and Contact

Swiss Sport Integrity provides further information and, if necessary, its help and support to clarify the regulations set by national or international federations. Alternatively, Swiss Sport Integrity can be contacted (also anonymously) via the legal advice center of the Transgender Network Switzerland (TGNS).