2023 Prohibited List

Info for Athletes

The new Prohibited List enters into force on 1 January 2023. For the 2023 Prohibited List, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has extended the ban on beta-blockers for two sports. Furthermore, various additional examples of already banned substances were added and formal adjustments were made.

These modifications include:

Beta-blockers in minigolf and underwater sports
As of 1 January 2023, beta-blockers will be prohibited in competition in the sport of minigolf. In addition, the prohibition of beta-blockers in all sub-disciplines of the underwater sports of free diving, spear fishing and target shooting will be extended to the out-of-competition period. Thus, beta-blockers will be prohibited at all times in these disciplines as of 2023 (currently already prohibited in competition).

New examples and synonyms of prohibited substances
For the classes of anabolic agents and stimulants, new examples and synonyms of already prohibited substances were added. Voxelotor was added as an example of a prohibited substance in class M1.2, that can enhance the arterial oxygen saturation. Neutralising antibodies of precursors of myostatin were added to the class S4.3 and apitegromab was added as an example substance.

Note on Prohibited List 2024
WADA has decided that the substance tramadol (a strong painkiller) will be prohibited in competition according to the Prohibited List 2024. It is important for athletes to know that certain sports federations already prohibit tramadol according to their Medical Rules (i.e., the UCI in all cycling disciplines).

Swiss Sport Integrity reminds all athletes to check all medications with the medication inquiry service Global DRO (via website or Mobile App) before use.