Antidoping Switzerland appreciates endeavours made by WADA's commission of inquiry

Public Relations

Antidoping Switzerland makes a statement on the report of the independent WADA commission.

Antidoping Switzerland has taken notice of the report of the independent investigation commission of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) that was presented in Geneva on 9 November 2015 and will review it in a timely manner. Antidoping Switzerland congratulates WADA on the establishment of the commission and expressly welcomes its quick and comprehensive work in its investigation of the doping accusations in Russia and of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

Antidoping Switzerland is concerned about the shocking situation in the Russian anti-doping agency, the Russian Athletics Association and the Russian control lab. If these doping accusations are not disproven, Antidoping Switzerland expressly welcomes the suggested consequences and urges strict implementation by the organisations named, specifically the IAAF itself and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). "A clear signal must be sent for clean athletes to show that doping is strictly punished," emphasises Matthias Kamber, director of Antidoping Switzerland. "Antidoping Schweiz is the independent competence centre for the fight against doping in Switzerland. We will do everything to ensure that incidents such as those found in Russia and at the IAAF will not happen in Switzerland".

Antidoping Switzerland demands that the fight against doping around the world is increased and that it is more strongly performed by auditable, independent agencies. The global differences are still too large to enable clean athletes to rely on fair conditions everywhere. Strong, independent agencies are required for this, equipped with the financial means to support globally less-developed anti-doping programmes as well. Additionally, present anti-doping labs are to be combined into large, nation-comprehensive centres to prevent national influence or influence by dominant international associations as well as to ensure highest research competences and quality standards.
Antidoping Switzerland pledges its support and technical competence to WADA for the current, and possible future, examination commissions.

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